What is it that drives some people to follow a path of grace? I imagine that the nature of a person plays a role as well as how a person has been nurtured throughout her/his life. Grace is not the result of avoidance, ignorance, a lack of accountability, excuses, neglect or rage. Grace is the gift of remaining conscious during the hellish moments of the life experience.

When I contemplate grace I feel an instant calm. Yet, I also feel a vibration moving through me that reminds me of a warrior. As I see it, grace is the rising above the ego, the body, the culture, and the stories of our lives that permit excuses for why we “can’t” or won’t rise up above injustice, oppression and harm.

The path of grace is likely the most sacred path of the human experience. And, the most difficult. It requires that we be naked with our lives and honest even when – no – especially when we might suffer as a result of our honesty. Grace is not comfort of worldly things or a lovers arms, but rather it is the comfort of an inner knowing that is scientifically unprovable.

Grace is choosing to stand up tall in a crowd of antagonists. Grace is choosing words thoughtfully and actions mindfully. Grace is the willingness to go against the norm when oppression, injustice and harm are being done. Grace is the ascension that happens when we are courageous.

Grace is listening to an angry neighbor with love in your heart. Grace is stopping the car to help others when their car has broken down – even though you are in a hurry. Grace is buying a hot cup of coffee for a homeless man and refraining from judgment. Grace is seeing the tragedies of your life as lessons to grow from. Grace is in seeking perspective and not settling in entitlement.

Grace is being compassionate with yourself when you suffer. Grace is being compassion with others when they suffer.