seek silver linings

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein

I have been reflecting a good deal on how perception determines experience. I think that somewhere along the line people began to believe the fictional story that life is supposed to be fair. As a result, this story-filter of fairness has only obstructed our ability to recognize the deep and soulful goodness life has to offer. It is interesting that we have this collective concept of fairness because, as evidenced by all history, fairness is a myth.

We don't come into the world entitled to a fair life. And the sooner we remove this illusion the happier we will be.

When bad things happen, good things follow. The trick is... perception. If we remain focused on the bad things, that is all we will see. It becomes our philosophy about life and we easily miss each silver lining and every miracle because we have chosen a life-view that is based on the illusion of fairness and is rooted in fear. We discount blessings as "luck" and synchronicity as "coincidence."

This is a touchy subject.

I can recall my own inner dialog in moments of grief, pain and suffering when the world seemed "unfair" and I was convinced that I got the short end of the stick. This narrow-focused place provides an infinite number of excuses for why we should protect the belief that there are no miracles. If its all going to fall apart anyways, why should we bother trying to shift our perspective?

If what we strive for is happiness, then this reality-check matters. Happiness is the result of how we choose to perceive the world. It is a life philosophy, a practice. It is not obtainable with out conscious effort and action,  often means taking the hard road, and most certainly requires that we blaze a trail. Authentic happiness is sustainable, not meaning that the feeling of happiness lasts indefinitely, but rather, that the feelings of being in a rut shrink dramatically. We become able to bounce back from "bad" things more quickly and grow new sight to see the virtues in experiences we previously views as "bad." It is in practicing happiness that it becomes possible for a person to forgive situations or people who have caused harm. It is the philosophy of happiness that makes it possible for someone to see life's miracles. We no longer see ourselves as victims of any situation, but rather, we become self-actualized and accountable for the direction of our lives.

When we seek miracles in life, as part of our practice, we find our perception of the world changes dramatically towards hope, optimism, kinship with others, connection with animals and the planet and a magical sense of the divine. We feel safe being wholehearted and altruism become second nature. And.... maybe most importantly, we sleep better.

It's a beautiful thing.