dance your heart out

Yesterday, while shopping at a local fruit and veggie stand, I noticed a 10 year-old boy dancing his heart out. Michael Jackson was playing on the stand's radio and he was fully immersed in the music moving his body fluidly with the beat. He caught me as I watched with joy and stopped. I went up to him and said "you've got great moves - keep on dancing!" And so he did. His embarrassment quickly passed and he continued on with his funky, adorable routine.

These are the moments that gently shake us into recognizing what matters most in life. The mundane task of grocery shopping was uplifted by a youngster who was living fully in the moment. I allowed the joy of the moment to seep in and my day instantly shifted from a dull, grayish hue to vibrancy. Kids are great teachers in this way. They play, dance, sing and express themselves with little reservation and adults have so much to learn from them.