In the Immortal Diamond Richard Rohr says, "Before radical conversion, you look for God as if God were an object like all other objects. After conversion (con-vertere, to turn around or to turn with), you look out from God with eyes other than your own."

What does this mean for you? For me it means infusion, communion with the Divine... recognizing oneself as not separate from the Divine. It means a constant practice of connection so as to see with eyes of God/Source. What happens, I wonder, when a person reaches God and in turning to face humanity, loses that connection? Yet, he/she teaches as though still in accord with Source. It happens quite often, I suspect. When ego replaces awe and Source-teachings are filtered through desire.

Its a effort-full practice to continue to seek humility all the while turning "with" Source to face humanity. To teach by example. To be the eyes of God. This is not a hobby. It is an every minute kind of thing.

So many more days in contemplation of this quote....