acts of kindness throughout march

I am one of those people that thinks birthdays are pretty special. I love celebrating birthdays and expressing love and adoration for the people in my life. As I ponder my own upcoming birthday, at the end of March, I feel drawn to do something a little less typical and a lot less about me. I have invited my friends and family (and their friends and family) to join me in a month dedicated to acts of kindness. You are invited too!

Kindness isn't really something we need an invitation to participate in, but my hope is that people will jump into this challenge and benefit from the remarkably transformative power of setting the intention to BE KIND for an entire month (or as much as you can muster). This is an invitation to set your internal default switch to "kind" and let that determine your experiences. In a world like ours, one so dedicated to convincing us to be reactionary, entitled and defensive... by choosing a different path, consciously, we step into liberation from externally learned narratives of lack and fear.

So... please join us. Invite your friends, your family, and your colleagues to join in. Do your best and practice self-compassion all along the way. This is not about getting a score. There is NO PERFECT. This is a challenge of the spirit and the heart. One you experience at an intimate level and that is yours to keep. If you want to share some of your ideas and acts of kindness, please do! Sharing inspires others to follow your lead, to make a difference in the lives of others just like you! And it would delight me, the birthday girl, to hear all about your acts of kindness!