yesterday began a month of kindness

I am delighted to begin a month of intentional acts of kindness. My first act of kindness was unexpected but deeply moving. Thursday evening of last week, my husband and I recognized a shift in one of our pets. Cecily came into my life when I was only 20 years old, eighteen and a half years ago. She has been slowly declining in the past year but took a turn on Thursday. Friday was spent loving on her and negotiating the "right time" to help her die. By Saturday morning it was clear that the time had come.

Our last morning together.

Our last morning together.

We scheduled her to have a home visit with a vet from Compassionate Care, an amazing network of veterinarians who make house calls to euthanize sick pets.

We created ceremony around her last hours and her death was incredibly peaceful.

Today, I contemplate this act of mercy and feel grateful to have had the ability to help our loyal companion die, maybe only hours, but possibly (excruciating) days before she would have died on her own. Kindness drove the decision and the process. Every step brought us to the present moment. The beauty of life and the mystery of death danced before us like a moving watercolor painting weaving into each other leaving no sharp edges.

I dedicate my month of kindness to all the people who care for the sick and dying, for you are Earth Angels.