it's going to be okay

It's going to be okay. Just take a breath. Take another one. Go outside. Walk away from your computer. Don't take your cellphone with you. Just go. Go outside.

Get out from under the pressure. Leave the cubical. Move away from the buzzing office lights. Don't hold your breath. EXHALE.

Gently walk away from the noise what ever it is. The television, phone, a screaming child, a crowded store, an impossible-to-please boss, an entitled client... just walk slowly, presently to the nearest exist. Open the door and walk into the wild, vast universe.

It's going to be okay.

Take in a deep breath. Cough out the stagnant places of self-sacrifice.
BREATHE like you mean it.

Close your eyes. Just breathe. Breathe in the mantra "it's going to be okay." Breathe out everything else.

Nothing else matters but this moment - a moment you too often say you don't have time for. Just be here, with your breath and the uncaged world. Be in the elements of nature regardless of the train horns, and exhaust fumes of passing cars. Breathe past all the clutter and distraction.

Just breathe.

Open your eyes when you feel the shift. Ever so subtle. Open your eyes and see the world in colors you have never witnessed before. Keep breathing. Watch as the colors fade back into the hue of everyday life. No judgement, just notice.

When you are ready... move back into the chaos bringing with you this sacred space inside yourself. A place no person, no government, no political opinion, no oppressive force can take away from you.

It's going to be okay.