40 Firsts (highlight) :: 40th birthday billboard

Many years ago, I had a seemingly impossible dream of replacing billboard ads with positive, life-affirming messages. Over a year ago, I began to notice bright yellow billboards popping up all over Portland with highly inspirational messages. The billboards made me stop and ponder... inspiring me to release what ever cares I was chewing on at the time and consider the message, often a message of self-love. I was delighted both by the billboard messages and by the happy realization that someone else in the world (who just happened to be in my area) felt the same way about the power of words. Thanks to Michele McKeag Larsen and The Joy Team... my dream of putting up a billboard with a positive message has become a reality! 

This beautiful billboard, aimed to dispel myths about aging, is my 1st 40First. 

What a brilliant start to my 40th year!