40 Firsts (highlight) :: learning macro photography

This past weekend we had the great fortune of finding a very quiet camping spot along the Deshutes River where we unfolded for a day, back into nature -- it was long overdue. 

My husband is a very talented photographer. He has an eye for space, story and can draw beauty out of ordinary things. Usually, he is the one capturing moments but this weekend, I was the one with the camera. 

I have, of course, taken plenty of pictures in my life, but a first for me was taking photos with a macro lens. In playing with a macro lens, I discovered how profound very small things can be. Bees, butterflies and strange bugs I'd never before seen, allowed me to get in very close to take a snapshot. This was another lesson in being present and curious -- as well as practicing mindful breathing so as not to create too much disruption for the critters as they went about their business. 

Because it was my first time with a macro lens, most of the critter photos didn't come out the way I'd envisioned them. I am inspired to practice macro photography until I reach the point of skill where I can capture the brilliant details of a 3/4 inch butterfly wing or the remarkable nature of a bumble bee's body. 

Somehow, seeing small life up close reminds me of how vast the universe is.