40 Firsts (highlight) :: archery

For the archer, truth is to be sought in all ways, always. Movement is a must, possibilities are meant to be endless and options are best in abundance. Brutally honest, the archer shoots for truth, loves philosophical debates and ponders the meaning of everything in existence.
— Chani Nicholas

A couple weeks ago I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow. I have always wanted to try archery and it felt like second nature as I stepped up to the line, positioned my body and pulled back the arrow while eyeing my target. After a very brief how to, I spent an hour practicing presence and being still with breath and bow. While I didn't shoot into the bulls-eye, I had a blast trying. And I will most certainly try, try again!

I felt fierce as I stood in warrior position, bow and arrow in hand. I felt like a woman on a mission to defend all that is beautiful in the world and deeply powerful standing in the shoes (sandals) of Artemis and Diana

Every girl and woman should try archery. It is affirming of our natural (and too often underestimated) strength, grace and intrinsic power.