illuminating peace and connection through art

Art cannot explain things but it can expose them—that’s why art here is so important and necessary.
— Doris Salcedo

“Surrounded by the seats of Colombia’s legislative, legal and religious powers, Bogotá’s central Plaza de Bolívar has for centuries been the stage for the country’s political and public life: a bustling space where protesters often gather to chant slogans over the din of honking traffic.

But this week, the square has been muted in remembrance and hope.

In an act of protest against a civil conflict that has raged for more than 50 years, the plaza was covered in a massive white shroud bearing the names of the war’s many victims.

The public statement of mourning by artist Doris Salcedo was temporarily installed as the country grapples with the rejection of a peace deal with leftist Farc rebels that would have ended the war . . . .” Read the full Guardian story here