peace deal sign in colombia today!

When John and I were walking home to our neighborhood of Getsemani in Cartagena yesterday, there was a big what to do that caught us in at a traffic light in the heart of the city as police suddenly stopped all traffic and a presidential-looking motorcade rushed by us. I just read that FARC and the recent Noble Peace prize winner, President Juan Manuel Santos signed the peace deal today in Cartagena. Feeling kind of excited and humbled about being in Cartagena at this moment in time. A chance for a long awaited peace in Colombia and ideally, restorative justice for all. #peaceispossible

"The signing of the accord between Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC’s maximum commander Rodrigo Londoño, alias Timoleón “Timochenko” Jiménez officially ends 52-years of conflict with the oldest guerrilla group in the world, and an internal conflict that claimed the lives of 260,000 Colombians and forcibly displaced some 7 million." - The City Paper Bogotá

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