who is lola?

It recently dawned on me that some of these posts or media I share on Facebook and Instagram refer to "Lola." And probably, very few people would make the assumption that I am Lola. Well, I am Lola. So if you see "Lola" on a post of mine, I am referring to myself. 

Lola is a nickname for Dolores, my middle name. I decided to use Lola for a trip through latin America because it would be a simple name for people to understand. It has ended up being a conversation starter as people inquire why an European-American would be called Dolores or Lola. The story is a little too confusing to explain in Spanish, but in English... my maternal grandmother was born Dorthy and decided to change her name to Dolores. I don't know for certain why, though I suspect she wanted to be a little different. I'm honored to be Dolores, especially since she chose the name herself. 

Some people have tried to convince me that I need to use my first name. That I should be proud of it and correct people when they get it wrong. I recognize the empowerment in that, but being named Blythe has meant a lifetime of correcting people including English speakers. No one understands me when I say, "My name is Blythe." Sometimes I have to go around and around 3 or 4 times but more often, I just let them think my name is what ever they said: Blierth, Mike, Blight, Life, Beth. I've even been called Blarhg. 

I've tried to annunciate more clearly and still, people don't get it. Those who do tend to respond with, "Oh, like Blythe Danner?!" And forget it, if I am trying to announce myself on the phone. No one ever understands what I am saying. 

I tend to think "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet," so I don't feel insulted when people don't understand my name or weary about offering an easier nickname for introductions. [Shakesphere] Its a relief for me, in fact. To have a nickname that is short and sweet and nearly impossible to misunderstand. 

All this to say, I am Lola. I am Blythe. Interchangeable now.