regular updates on instagram

After five months on the road, trying to use older technology like a flip-phone and digital camera to keep family and friends looped into our whereabouts, we've concluded that the value of a smartphone is enormous for travelers in a tech world. From taking photos I can post regularly online to apps that make our travels flow more smoothly. We simply can't deny its value any longer. 

We tried the non-smartphone route and wanted it to work for us. We wanted to have a journey that was untethered from the brainless impulsivity that smart-technology inspires. But, we've discovered that so much of the world now, especially tourism, is only accessible via the web or smartphone apps. 

And after months of feeling particularly lonely because I couldn't communicate easily with people I love, having a smartphone will allow us to sustain our weekly connections with loved ones back home as well as tell very short stories via Instagram. Snapshots of our adventure...

This was a big deal for me. I see how smart-technology betters our lives but also, how it drastically disrupts human connection and one's own processing skills. Smart-technology automates people (even the hippiest among us) and invites us to think less and react more. We've become an output society, bordering on narcissistic, with little emphasis on genuine, conscious reception.

Technology is great for keeping people who are thousands of miles apart, connected. But, it has its limitations when it comes to daily heart-to-heart interactions with people who are sitting right next to us. Checking out of the present moment is far too easy with technology.  It is in the present moment where we fulfill our lives.

Its a balancing act to enjoy the benefits and steer clear of the pitfalls. 

We've set up rules to make sure we're conscious about using technology on this trip and that it doesn't cause us to miss out on unique moments or each other. 

All of that said, you can now see what we're up to more often by following my Instagram feed. I've linked it to my website (see the word "Instagram" in the upper right hand corner of this site).

I will continue to post blog entries as I am able and inspired.