great article on conscious travel

Article relevant to how John and I manage our impact and influence as we travel. I remember being in India in 2009, witnessing tourists haggle with locals on the price of something that if they paid full price, would pay $3USD for a beautiful handmade this or that when in the US it would cost $150. I never haggled. It felt counter to my desire to connect and walk lightly through the worlds of others.

We don't haggle now either, especially in situations where the artist or providers of service are local. We want our money to stay in the hands of the people who welcome us.

After seeing how some folks in the US treat foreigners with disdain and fear, we're grateful that the vast majority of people we've come across in South America welcome us with open arms (or at least, warm smiles).

It is our goal to do right by locals and the beautiful Earth they inhabit.

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