what's the plan?

Update as of 6/29/17: We're going to skip Asia this time and finish out this journey somewhere between Ecuador and Northern Mexico before heading back to the U.S. No end date set, likely around Christmas. 

To the people who paid attention to our rough outline of six months in South America and six months in Asia, since we’re nearing the middle of our seventh month in South America and we’re in no rush—it’s time to offer an update.

First, thank you for taking note of the things we’ve said. That’s really cool of you.

We can’t offer a set itinerary but we can offer what we’re thinking which may change at any moment and at any time—and what I am thinking as compared to what John is thinking we still have to reconcile. This is my version of our loose plan moving forward.

We love South America and we’re not in a rush to leave. We’re getting in a groove, beyond the culture shock and wanting for comforts back home and we deeply enjoy it. So after three slow, calm months in Uruguay, we’re going to head north. We may step into Chile but for certain, we will spend some time in Bolivia, Peru and, again, Ecuador—where we didn’t travel south of Quito or west of the Intag Valley, in the mountains.

While this will bring us to the year mark, we are fully aware that once we land back in Oregon and plant roots, getting out for a journey like this again will be unlikely—at least any time soon. So, if all is well and we still have some change in our travel budget, we will head east to explore India, Vietnam and Thailand, each for a month. Then head home. A little more than a year. A toe or two into 2018.

We have a few things on our list that will require reservations, so we will only be able to meander as long as we are certain to make our reservations.

This is the super loose, don’t write it on your calendar in pen, itinerary.

Being non-committal is a sheer pleasure and we’re not ready to give it up