Hotel Escuela El Habitante 

The Hotel Escuela El Habitante contributes to la Fundación Tiempo de Juego which provides training and employment to young people from vulnerable communities in Santa Marta and promotes a socially responsible tourism model in Santa Marta. The Foundation has designed a tourist program that promotes responsible power and raises funds which are fully reinvested in social programs for the area. In addition to providing hotel guests with great food in a high quality hotel and hostel, run by trained travelers, the hotel provides sporting, cultural, recreational and educational activities developed to support vulnerable communities of Santa Marta. The Inhabitant Project, which was designed originally for the city of Cartagena, was awarded three prizes of the Ventures 2012 contest. 

The Hotel Escuela El Habitante was an oasis for us for over a week. We had the pleasure of living with teachers of la Fundación Tiempo de Juego and the amazing, attentive, kind and soul-soothing staff. We weren't able to volunteer with the school due to our limited time and Spanish, but we made a donation and we encourage others to donate too! While you may not be able to write it off on your taxes, you can rest in the divine feeling of contributing to the opportunities and education of Colombian youth. If you are traveling through Santa Marta, be sure to stay at The Hotel Escuela El Habitante, your amazing, restful stay will contribute to the betterment of the lives of kids in Colombia!

Proyecto de Hotel Escuela de la Fundación Tiempo de Juego en Cartagena

Misíon Gaia

"Misión Gaia is a non-profit organization in Northern Colombia that works to increase the wellbeing of the communities of the Sierra Nevada and Santa Marta. Thier aim is to develop socio-environmental programs that help address the basic needs of the local communities while promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. They work in three principal areas: animal health and welfare, sustainable tourism and environmental education.

Up a winding dirt road, thirty minutes from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the town of Minca lies nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada is Misíon Gaia's home. Together with community partners, environmental groups and volunteers from around the world, they are creating a brighter future for Minca and the region that surrounds it."

The work Misíon Gaia does is significant and donations don't just benefit the organization and the work they do in Colombia ... When it comes to protecting resources, educating communities on sustainability and preserving the environment--we ALL benefit! To make a donation, click here. And to learn about contributing as a volunteer please visit Misíon Gaia's volunteers page.